Skills Survey

I realize that God has given me special talents, skills and knowledge. I want to use them to honor God and help people.

I understand as a member of the Body of Christ, God intends for me to work with others for the health, strength, and development of the Body. I want to do my part. With this in mind I dedicate all the gifts God has given me to Him and His Service.

The items I have checked below are areas of service in which I have special interest. The leaders of ICON can contact me as the need arises.

If you would rather complete this survey by hand, please download and print this form.

Please read Romans 12:1-13 (Click here to read at and apply it as you fill out this survey.

Skills Survey
Preaching (v. 6) (Proclaiming the Word)
Ministry (v. 7) (Service)
Teaching (v. 7)
Exhortation (v. 8)
Giving (v. 8)
Ruling (v. 8, 11) (Administration)
Showing Mercy (v. 8, 13)
Serving the Lord (v. 11)
I have ability or skills and am willing to donate services in the following areas:
Prayer (v. 12)
Hospitality (v. 13)